Thursday, March 10, 2011

Everything we do, we do for sex

Importance Of Sex
Sex is everywhere. It's on television, in the movies, in your conversations, in your dorm rooms, and chances are, it's guiding most of your actions.

The fields of psychology, biology, anthropology and sociology are all busy attempting to explain just how much our desire for sex drives our actions. In my opinion, the importance of our sexual drives cannot be overstated. Whether you realize it or not, the majority of your actions and thoughts can eventually be traced back to a sexual origin.

Before you write me off as a Neo-Freudian, allow me to explain myself. Have you ever stopped to wonder how often you check yourself in the reflection of a window? How many times a day do you check yourself for unsightly stains, bad breath, messy hair or food stuck in your teeth? Chances are good that most of us are guilty of taking part in these actions several times daily. The reason for our obsession with a pleasant appearance? Sex.

If we did not have some desire for sex, there would be no point in looking nice. We spend enormous amounts of effort each day to present ourselves as a suitable mate. Girls have makeup, special bras, suggestive clothing and many other things at their disposal to make themselves noticeable to men. Men, who do notice these things, usually make a strong attempt to present themselves as being physically strong, competent and capable of protecting anyone willing to mate with them.

As a regular gym-goer, I will admit that I began my interest in fitness because I wanted to look more attractive to the opposite sex. I would guess that approximately 90 to 100 percent of all males in UD's gym either started working out for women, or are currently working out in an effort to impress women. Admit it. Women, why do you diet, exercise and worry about gaining a half a pound around the waist? It's because you want to be perceived as desirable. Men, why do you spend an average of $6 billion a year on nutritional supplements, and spend three to seven hours a week in the gym? If you are honest, it's for sex. Sure, it keeps you healthy, but you want to look good at the party on Friday, and you are fooling nobody.

I'm not saying that our habits are wrong. They are necessary, as reproduction is what keeps our species from becoming extinct. Subconsciously, sex is way more than just an outlet for pleasure. I would argue that we all have a hidden drive to reproduce. It is ingrained in the fiber of our being. We should not attempt to hide this primal drive.

It permeates our behavior and controls the way we think and act. I'm not advocating sexual promiscuity, infidelity and other risky behaviors. I consider myself to be staunchly opposed to all of these behaviors. But I do believe it is outrageous much of our society attempts to hide the fact that humans have sex, and we love doing it.

So the next time you go to the gym, do your makeup, look in a mirror or act like a fool in an attempt to impress someone, have a good laugh at yourself, and realize it's all for sex.

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